Ugly Cat & Pablo and the Missing Brother (Reinforced Library Binding)

Reinforced Library Binding
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This unlikely cat and mouse duo will win young chapter book readers over with their ridiculously silly antics and their search for tasty treats! Ugly Cat was supposed to meet up with his brother Tamarindo so that they could go on a search for the best albondigas (meatballs) in the neighborhood, but then Tamarindo never showed up! Now Ugly Cat and his impeccably dressed mouse friend, Pablo, are on a mission to find Ugly's brother. But when all signs are pointing to the haunted Old Herrera House, can they figure out a way to sneak in, rescue Tamarindo, and make it out in one piece?
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Written By Isabel Quintero
Fiction / Nonfiction Fiction
Copyright 2018
Pages 144

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ISBN 978-0-545-94096-2
Item Number 594096
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