Scholastic Library Publishing provides the best digital nonfiction solutions for learners of all ages. Our intuitive platforms support the achievement of core proficiency skills including:

  • Building strong content knowledge
  • Setting a purpose for Reading
  • Comprehending and evaluating a range of texts
  • Using technology and digital media capably

The Only Source for Everything Weston Woods

Now Streaming Directly to Your School or Library

Weston Woods Plus makes it easier than ever to connect children to stories and stories to life. Streaming content can be accessed simultaneously and shared publicly!


ScienceFlix is transforming the way students access science topics, acquire scientific knowledge, and build a lasting interest in science, technology, and engineering.

Curriculum-driven leveled content is integrated with interactive features and intuitive navigation in this highly engaging mobile-ready science resource. With its emphasis on the latest STEM thinking and the Next Generation Science Standards, ScienceFlix provides students with a better understanding of science concepts and ideas through hands-on projects, videos, multiple text types, and so much more.



Why Scholastic GO?

Providing credible, accurate, reliable content on almost every core-curricula subject, Scholastic GO!® offers endless resources for research in a multitude of media. Explore nonfiction texts, world newspapers, videos and more with this easy-to-navigate digital resource designed to strengthen content knowledge, vocabulary, and core proficiency skills.


Offering dozens of units to supplement social studies and science core curricula learning, TrueFlix is a highly-engaging multimedia resource that can be used in the library, the classroom, on mobile devices, or at home.

Beautiful, authentic ebooks are enhanced with a deep and diverse reservoir of related content in a variety of text types and media—including primary sources, fiction, videos, audio clips, images, and related websites. TrueFlix helps students improve literacy skills, build content-area knowledge, and cultivate the critical skills necessary for academic success and college and career readiness.



Scholastic BookFlix is an online literacy resource that pairs
classic video storybooks from Weston Woods with related
nonfiction eBooks from Scholastic to build a love of reading and learning. The engaging way to link fact and fiction, BookFlix reinforces early reading skills and introduces children to a world of knowledge and exploration.

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