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Written by Tamra B. Orr

ISBN: 978-0-531-21860-0

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Many of the world's most dangerous illnesses are caused by tiny living things called bacteria. Bacterial sicknesses once killed countless people. However, thanks to drugs called antibiotics, many types of deadly bacteria are no longer a major problem. Readers will find out how scientists first began studying bacteria, how they created the earliest antibiotics, and how bacteria and antibiotics could change in the future.
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Item #: 652934
Imprint: Children's Press
Copyright: 2017
Format: Reinforced Library Binding
Pages: 48
Grades: 3 - 5
Ages: 8 - 10
Dewey #: 615.7/922
  • Engaging sidebars highlight important people, places, and events
  • Timelines outline major events in the history of these discoveries
  • Glossaries explain difficult terms in a way that makes them easy to understand
  • Eye-catching images give readers an up-close look at discoverers in action
  • Digital content for further learning on this subject available at