Compare and contrast animals, their habitats, and features

Grades K-2 | Ages 5-7 | Each Book: 32 pages | 8 x 8 | full-color photographs and illustrations

Hot and Cold Animals
Discover just how different animals with the same name can be!
Did you know there are a lot of animals with the same name that live in very different places? This brand-new series has colorful photographs and short blocks of text to entertain and explain how some animals like it hot while others prefer the colder the better!

Titles include: Desert Hare or Arctic Hare · Fennec Fox or Arctic Fox · Galapagos Penguin or Emperor Penguin · Red-Eyed Tree Frog or Wood Frog · Spotted-Eagle Owl or Snowy Owl · Sun Bear or Polar Bear

Fast and Slow Animals
Ready, set, go! Did you ever wonder which animals are the fastest…and the slowest?
Kids can’t get enough animal facts! Starting with the slowest animal in each group—amphibians, birds, fish, mammals, and reptiles—readers will want to read to the end as the ten animals listed get faster and faster. All the books in this brand-new series brim with colorful photographs and fascinating facts about the featured animals’ body, diet and habitat. Short blocks of text entertain and explain why some animals are super slow while others are really fast!

Titles include: Fast and Slow: Amphibians · Fast and Slow: Birds · Fast and Slow: Fish · Fast and Slow: Mammals · Fast and Slow: Reptiles

Sample Interiors
sample from Sun Bear or Polar Bear sample from Fast and Slow: Amphibians

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