A True Book: Your Amazing Body

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The human body is a complex—and remarkable—machine. Digesting our food. Pumping our blood. Walking, running, and dancing. It takes our many body systems working together to keep us alive and living our lives to the fullest. This set of True Books offers an in-depth look at our amazing bodies—one system at a time. Interesting information is presented in a fun, friendly way—and in the simplest terms possible—giving students a “behind-the-scenes” look at how their bodies work.
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Themes Science, Human body, Body Systems
Grades 3-5
Ages 8-10
Key Features
  • Lively text, rich in detail and accessible by middle grade readers, provides anatomical and biological information in a fun and informative way
  • Compelling artworks and diagrams in each book illustrate the essential bodily functions
  • Sidebars delve deeper in to fascinating phenomena—like sneezing, dreaming, and reflexes—associated with each system
  • The Big Truth shows how different systems work together in our bodies
  • A pictorial timeline highlights important moments in the history of the topic covered
  • Table of contents, captions, glossary, index and further reading expose readers to classic library nonfiction text features.
  • Find the Truth! feature starts each book with two statements-one true and one false-which begins the inquiry process by engaging readers to think proactively
  • The Doctor Is In! introduces some of the medical professionals who care for each of our systems and some of the tools they use
  • Healthy Habits for Life provides simple actionable advice on how to keep our amazing body systems in tip top shape
Fiction / Nonfiction Nonfiction
Imprint Children's Press
Copyright 2024
Trim Size 7 1/4 x 8 3/8
Pages 48

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ISBN 9781546116769
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