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Written by Ruth Bjorklund

ISBN: 978-0-531-23569-0

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Consisting of a long island chain in East Asia, Japan is a country of towering mountains, beautiful farmland, and huge cities. Despite its relatively small size, it is home to one of the world’s most powerful economies and plays a major role in global politics. Readers will learn all about Japan’s rich history, culture, and traditions. They will also find out how the country is governed, which plants and animals can be found there, what it is like to live there today, and much more.
Item #: 662778
Imprint: Children's Press
Copyright: 2018
Format: Reinforced Library Binding
Trim Size: 8 x 9 1/4
Pages: 144
Grades: 5 - 9
Ages: 10 - 14
Dewey #: 952
  • Colorful photos provide breathtaking views of foreign cities and landscapes
  • Sidebars highlight especially interesting people, places, and events
  • Delicious, easy recipes give readers the opportunity to experience foreign cuisine firsthand
  • Fun facts and statistics are included for easy reference
  • Timelines compare important events of the country’s history with important events from World History
  • Digital content for further learning on this subject available at