What If You Had an Animal Home!?

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What if you woke up one morning and discovered you were living inside a wild animal's home instead of your own? How would that change your daily life? What If You Had an Animal Home!? is the next imaginative book in Sandra Markle's popular What If You Had...? series. If you had a honeybee's home, you'd always have room service. If you had a meerkat's home, you'd play hide-and-seek for hours. And a hermit crab's home would follow you wherever you go! The animal kingdom has tons of amazing homes, but yours is pretty great, too! Discover what your life would be like if you had these special animal homes -- and find out why your home is just right for you!
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Written By Sandra Markle
Grades PreK-3
Ages 4-8
Copyright 2024
Trim Size 8 x 10
Pages 32
Illustrated by Howard McWilliam

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ISBN 9781339014852
Item Number 758159
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