If You Sailed on the Titanic

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What do you know about the sinking of the Titanic? What if you lived in a different time and place? What would you wear? What would you eat? How would your daily life be different? Scholastic's If You Lived... series answers all of kids' most important questions about events in American history. With a question and answer format, kid-friendly artwork, and engaging information, this series is the perfect partner for the classroom and for history-loving readers. What if you sailed on the Titanic? What would you have eaten? Where would you have slept? Would you have gone down with the ship? Denise Lewis Patrick answers all these questions and more in this comprehensive guide to the sinking of the Titanic. A great choice for American history units, and for teaching children about this iconic moment in history.
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Written by Denise Lewis Patrick / Illustrated by Winona Nelson
ISBN 978-1-338-80231-3
Fiction / Nonfiction Fiction
Item # 736247
Copyright 2023
Trim Size 9 X 7 1/2
Pages 384
Grades 2 - 5
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