Grades K-2 | Ages 5-7 | Each Book: 32 pages | 7-1/4 x 8-3/8 | full-color photographs and illustrations

Learn About: Animals
Swarm, kaleidoscope, fluffle, pack… It is time to celebrate groups of spring animals!
Whether it is a group of wild mammals, birds, or even insects, there is a unique name to identify each specific animal group. Groups of bees, butterflies, rabbits, and dogs are the stars of this vibrant new set of LEARN ABOUT books that are packed with photographs and fun facts. Starting out with the behavior these animals have as a group, and covering their bodies, diet, habitat, and life cycles, these books are the perfect first introduction to animal groups and families.

Titles include: A Swarm of Bees · A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies · A Colony of Rabbits · A Pack of Dogs

Learn About: Mapping
A perfect first introduction to maps and map skills for young readers!
Starting from their bedroom, and moving to their home, street, neighborhood, town, state, country, continent, and finally, planet, children will gain a whole new understanding of their place in the world with this engaging and interactive picture book series. With illustrated maps drawn at different scales and vibrant photographs throughout to illustrate real locations, children will learn about map features, how to read maps and answer questions, and how to draw their own maps. Maps are everywhere and understanding them is key to navigating our world. With this brand new and original four-book series, children will expand their role as citizens.

Titles include: Mapping My House · Mapping My Town · Mapping My Country · Mapping My World

Learn About: Water
An essential tool to teach kids about the importance of water!
Earth is known as the Blue Planet because of the abundant amount of water that covers our home. And nothing on Earth could survive without it. As we find ourselves facing a global water crisis, learning about this life-giving resource has never been more important. The books in this series are filled with colorful photos and diagrams, plus easy-to-digest text, and fascinating facts. And they offer young readers an in-depth look at what water is, how we use it, and most importantly, what we can do to protect it.

Titles include: What is Water? · The Water Cycle · How You Can Save Water · Protecting Earth's Water

Learn About: Animal Coverings
Let’s learn all about the different types of animal coverings!
Animals have different body coverings for different reasons. Some animals use their coverings to keep warm or stay cool, others use them for protection, and can either stand out or blend in. Some animals even use their coverings to move! This vibrant new set of LEARN ABOUT books gives readers a close-up look at five different animal coverings, from fur and feathers to skin, scales, and shells. Each book is packed with photographs and fun facts that explore how each covering suits the habitat, diet, survival, and life cycle of various animals in the natural world.

Titles include: Feathers · Fur · Scales · Shells · Skin

Learn About: The Five Senses
How do we experience the world? Let's learn all about the five senses!
The human body is amazing! It gives us five different ways to learn about the world around us: through the eyes, through the skin, through the tongue, through the ears and the nose. Thanks to these parts of our bodies, we can see, feel, taste, hear and smell. These are the five senses! Why do bananas taste so good? Why does tickling cause so much laughter? Illustrated with familiar examples, this fun nonfiction set in the Learn About series gives readers a close-up look at the five senses, and it teaches them how each of the senses work.

Titles include: Hearing · Seeing · Smelliing · Tasting · Touching

Sample Interiors
sample from Mapping My Town sample from Protecting Earth's Waters

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