The Beginnings: 1954

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The year 1954 was a turning point in the civil rights movement. The Supreme Court decision in the Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka case, a combination of lawsuits challenging school segregation in the United States, would finally put an end to "separate but equal." This decision had a monumental ripple effect and positively influenced the African American community going forward. As many southern white people were furious about the Court's ruling to end segregation, reaction in the form of violence and legislation to stall school integration became the new battleground. And the formation of White Citizens' Councils across the South worked to keep Black Americans from gaining the equality they deserved. This detailed account explains why 1954 was such a critical year in the civil rights movement.
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Written by Selene Castrovilla
ISBN 978-1-338-80065-4
Key Features
  • Each book addresses major moments in civil rights history, organized chronologically, and ties into the school curriculum
  • Informative sidebars provide cultural references and explanations of more complex terms
  • Rich back matter includes timeline, glossary, reference materials, index, and brief biography of a modern civil right activist
  • Historical photos throughout
  • This new set in the Exploring Civil Rights series follows the 5 books in the set “Exploring Civil Rights: The Movement”
  • Series expansion into the post-civil rights era in the coming season with “Exploring Civil Rights: The Rise”
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