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Written by Megan Borgert-Spaniol

ISBN: 978-0-531-22067-2

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Imagine being able to swim without goggles because you have transparent eyelids. For American Beavers, with water-resistant hair, fins for feet, and rudder tails, they have all the equipment needed to be pros in the water. Paddle along with these graceful swimmers in this interesting read for young students.
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Item #: 643075
Imprint: Children's Press
Copyright: 2016
Trim Size: 6 1/2" x 9"
Pages: 24
Grades: 2 - 3
Ages: 7 - 8
Dewey #: 599.37
  • Range map and conservation infographic show common locations of animals and their level of risk of endangerment
  • Size comparison chart shows animal’s size in relation to average human height
  • Informational sidebar shows basic anatomy of animal to help identification in the wild
  • Table of contents, glossary, index
  • provides age-appropriate, relevant, and safe search results