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Written by Samantha Berger

ISBN: 978-1-338-15183-1

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A celebration of EVERY grandma's glamorous ways -- and the special love that glam-mas share with everything they do!

"Glam-mas don't just come over... they make a grand entrance!

Glam-mas don't just celebrate holidays... they celebrate everything!

Glam-mas don't just carry a purse... they carry a treasure chest!"

A joyful celebration of grandmothers who are young at heart, adventurous, and find a bit of glamour in everything they do. Whether these glam-mas are building sandcastles, riding with dolphins, or turning blankets into reading forts and super capes, they live each day with a playful spirit -- just like their grandchildren.

From the writer of Crankenstein and the illustrator of Birdie's Big-Girl Shoes comes a playful and heartwarming ode to grandmas and grandchildren everywhere... because there's nothing more glamorous than being a grandma.
Item #: 815183
Copyright: 2019
Format: Jacketed Hardcover
Pages: 40
Grades: PreK - K
Ages: 4 - 5