Owly #4: A Time to Be Brave

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For Owly and Wormy, nothing beats the power of friendship! But fear can be a powerful force, too. There's a new visitor to the forest, an opossum who's misunderstood because of the way he looks. Wormy is afraid of him, and when Owly tries to untangle him from a fence, Possey begins hissing and bares his sharp teeth! He's scared and hurt, and now everyone is afraid! Can the trio be brave and face their fears with just a little courage and a lot of friendship? Through a unique blend of words and symbols, Owly can be read by the youngest readers, and is a great introduction to graphic novels!
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Written By Andy Runton
Key Features Owly, the little owl with a heart of gold, returns for another forest adventure in this Eisner-winning series about friendship!
Fiction / Nonfiction Fiction
Imprint Graphix
Copyright 2021
Trim Size 5 1/4 x 7 1/2
Pages 144

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ISBN 978-1-338-30072-7
Item Number 830072
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