A True Book - Why It Matters

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Our government is made up of many different pieces, each of which must work together with every other element to create a complex and ever-evolving machine. This is no easy task, and every part of the government is vital in keeping the country going. Including you! Each book in this series will detail how a part of the government works, why it matters, and how every person in the country is essential to it.
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Key Features
  • Find the Truth! feature starts each book with two statements - one true and one false - which begins the inquiry process by engaging readers to think proactively
  • Inspiring openers connect the books’ topics to real-life people and events
  • Exploration of current political debates encourage readers to think critically
  • Eye-catching sidebars, back matter, and other elements introduce ways readers can be involved in civics
  • Timelines outline major events in the creation and evolution of our government
  • Political cartoons introduce readers to the role of the public and its response to government activities
  • Glossaries explain difficult terms in a way that makes them easy to understand
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