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Located at the far southern point of the globe, Antarctica is an enormous landmass covered almost entirely in ice. Due to its extreme climate, this continent is home to very few plants, animals, or permanent human settlements. However, Antarctica is far from empty. Readers will learn about Antarctica's history, from how people first discovered it to why scientists set up camp to conduct studies there today. They will also find out which plants and animals are able to survive Antarctica's harsh temperatures and see what role the continent plays in popular culture. This title will ship February 1, 2017
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Written by Wil Mara
ISBN 978-0-531-22082-5
Key Features
  • Colorful photos provide breathtaking views of foreign cities and landscapes
  • Sidebars highlight especially interesting people, places, and events
  • Delicious, easy recipes give readers the opportunity to experience foreign cuisine firsthand
  • Fun facts and statistics are included for easy reference
  • Digital content for further learning on this subject available at
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Item # 659124
Imprint Children's Press
Copyright 2017
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Pages 144
Ages 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
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Grades 5 - 9
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