Set Your Alarm, Sloth!: More Advice for Troubled Animals from Dr. Glider

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Have fun learning about some odd but true animal facts with Dr. Sugar Glider and her patients! Zoƫ Zebra is troubled. Why do flies crash into her? A visit from Dr. Glider can solve the mystery. Our gliding doctor also helps a sloth stay awake, a sneezing iguana, a leaderless clownfish, a lovesick egret, and many more creatures with some peculiar problems.
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Written by Jess Keating
ISBN 978-1-338-23989-8
Key Features This hilarious and fun picture book by author and zoologist Jess Keating (Pink Is for Blobfish) and New York Times bestselling illustrator Pete Oswald (The Couch Potato) is packed with entertaining animal stories and unbelievable true facts on every page that are sure to fascinate curious young readers. Scientific vocabulary appears throughout each medical adventure, and there's a glossary and a list of species at the end.
Fiction / Nonfiction Nonfiction
Item # 823989
Imprint Orchard Books
Copyright 2021
Format Hardcover
Trim Size 10 x 11
Pages 40
Ages 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Grades PreK - 3
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