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    Rachel Carson

    Rachel Carson was a 20th century marine biologist and science writer, whose work on the harmf... Details
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    Temple Grandin

    Temple Grandin’s research into animal behavior and inventions in farm technology have changed... Details
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    Tree Frogs: Life in the Leaves

    Did you know that a group of tree frogs is called an army—or that a frog’s tongue attaches to... Details
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    What's That Plant?

    Earth is covered in countless different species of plants. To make it easier to study and und... Details
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    Why We Need Plants

    How important are plants to us? It turns out, they are very important. From the food we eat t... Details
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    Wild Life LOL! (Fall 2019 Set of 6)

    Wild Life LOL! introduces young readers to the most amazing animals on the planet in a surpri... Details
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    Women in Science

    The titles in the new Women in Science series take a highly visual approach to telling the st... Details
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