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Written by Aditi Khorana

ISBN: 978-1-338-35390-7

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Aditi Khorana brings her mind-bending expertise to this gripping sci-fi series. Will the survivors make it home? And will they still be the same kids if they do?

The spires.

They've been looming in the distance the whole time, watching silently as the young survivors of the crash-landed Aero Horizon Flight 16 crossed a gauntlet of dangerous, unnatural landscapes.

After weeks of terror and heartbreak, Molly and her friends have reached the eerie structure they spotted at the start of their journey, all in a desperate bid that it will provide answers to their ordeal... and perhaps a way home.

Here, the survivors will finally learn the truth behind the rift.

And here they'll encounter a monster far deadlier than anything they've faced yet.
Item #: 835390
Copyright: 2019
Format: Jacketed Hardcover
Pages: 160
Grades: 4 - 7
Ages: 9 - 12