Nature's Children

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Discover some of the most fascinating animals in the world with the Nature’s Children series. Readers will discover how these creatures survive in the wild, how they raise their young, and how they are related to other species. Each title also raises important ideas about conservation by examining the animal’s current status and explaining the ways humans have affected it throughout the years.
Titles include: Alligators · Ants · Arctic Foxes · Armadillos · Bald Eagles · Beavers · Birds of Paradise · Bison · Black Bears · Black Mambas · Cheetahs · Elephants · Flamingos · Giant Pandas · Gray Wolves · Grizzly Bears · Kangaroos · Leeches · Lions · Monarch Butterflies · Moose · Octopuses · Orangutans · Orcas · Polar Bears · Porpoises · Rats · Rattlesnakes · Rhinoceroses · Sea Turtles · Tigers · Tree Frogs · Vultures · Working Dogs
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ISBN 978-0-531-25950-4
Key Features
  • Large photos allow readers to get a close look at the animals in their natural habitats
  • Discover where the animals live with the habitat map
  • Informative text offers a clear view of the animals’ role in nature
  • Glossaries define important vocabulary specific to each book
  • Fact file provides an easy reference for vital information about the animals’ classification and basic habits
  • is available for those students who want to learn more about the topic. This excellent website contains rich content, as well as other suggested websites vetted by our editors
Series No
Item # 608184
Imprint Children's Press
Trim Size 7 1/4" x 8 3/8" each
Pages 48
Ages 8, 9, 10
Grades 3 - 5
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