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ISBN: 978-0-531-24524-8

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Journey back in time to witness the development of history's greatest civilizations with the Ancient World series. Readers will discover how ancient societies such as Rome and Egypt formed and how they continue to affect the world today. The history, culture, and daily life of each civilization are detailed via engaging text and eye-catching images, transporting readers to some of the most exciting times and places in human history.
Item #: 611667
Imprint: Children's Press
Copyright: 2013
Trim Size: 8" x 9 1/4" each
Pages: 112
Grades: 6 - 9
Ages: 11 - 14
  • Detailed maps and timelines show where civilizations were located and how they expanded over time
  • Sidebars explore primary sources and other discoveries that have helped us learn about these ancient societies
  • Short biographies explore the accomplishments and impact of key historical figures
  • is available for those students who want to learn more about the topic.
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