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ISBN: 978-0-531-21938-6

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From hot desert plants to swaying sea grass, life blooms in some of the most magnificent places. Goats climb steep mountain slopes while colorful birds fly around tropical rain forests. Uncover the flora and fauna of the world's biomes in this stunning series for adventurous young readers!
These books will ship February 2016
Item #: 648798
Imprint: Children's Press
Copyright: 2016
Format: Reinforced Library Bound Set
Trim Size: 6 1/2" x 9" each
Pages: 24
Grades: 2 - 3
Ages: 7 - 8
  • Fast facts about a biome
  • Food chain diagram for called-out biome
  • Informational maps showing biome location and parts of biome
  • provides age-appropriate, relevant, and safe search results