"Product Title",ISBN,"List Price","Your Price" "Moby Shinobi and Toby, Too! #1: Surf's Up!: An Acorn Book",978-1-338-54753-5,$23.99,$17.99 "Bumble and Bee #1: Don't Worry, Bee Happy: An Acorn Book",978-1-338-50493-4,$23.99,$17.99 "Bumble and Bee #2: Let's Play Make Bee-lieve: An Acorn Book",978-1-338-50526-9,$23.99,$17.99 "Hello, Hedgehog #3: Who Needs a Checkup?: An Acorn Book",978-1-338-28145-3,$23.99,$17.99 "Princess Truly #3: I Can Build It!: An Acorn Book",978-1-338-34011-2,$23.99,$17.99 "Dragon #3: Dragon Gets By: An Acorn Book",978-1-338-34751-7,$23.99,$17.99