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Written by Sandra Markle

ISBN: 978-1-338-59668-7

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What if you woke up one morning and your tongue wasn't yours? What If You Had an Animal Tongue!? -- the next imaginative book in the What If You Had series -- explores what would happen if you looked in the mirror and saw an animal's tongue instead of your own! From a Komodo dragon's split, yellow tongue (which can detect food from five miles away) to a woodpecker's long, thorny tongue (used to dig into trees for food), discover what it would be like if you had these special tongues -- and find out why your tongue is just the right one for you!
Item #: 859668
Imprint: Scholastic Inc.
Copyright: 2021
Format: Reinforced Library Binding
Trim Size: 8 x 10
Pages: 32
Grades: PreK - 3
Ages: 4 - 8
  • A fun and accessible take on nonfiction that's perfect for STEAM curriculum.
  • The zany illustrations are sure to make kids laugh!
  • Also available in trade paperback.