Owly #3: Flying Lessons

Jacketed Hardcover
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Owly and Wormy love making new friends, and when they spot an unfamiliar animal flying through the trees, they can't wait to meet her! Unfortunately, Shadow the flying squirrel doesn't want to be friends with Owly because she's afraid of him. Wormy tries to convince Shadow that she can trust Owly, but she's still scared... When Wormy gets stuck high up in a tree, Owly's own fear of flying keeps him grounded. Can Owly overcome his fears? And will Shadow be able to do the same? Through a unique blend of words and symbols, Owly can be read by the youngest readers, and is a great introduction to graphic novels!
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Written By Andy Runton
Fiction / Nonfiction Fiction
Imprint Graphix
Copyright 2021
Trim Size 5-1/4 x 7-1/2
Pages 144

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ISBN 978-1-338-30070-3
Item Number 830070
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