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Written by Ruth Bjorklund

ISBN: 978-0-531-12695-0

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Jutting westward into the Atlantic Ocean, Senegal is continental Africa’s westernmost country. Readers will cross the dry desert sands of the Sahara, walk the streets of Dakar, and make their way through dense tropical rainforests as they explore this amazing country and learn about its history, government, and economy. They will also learn about life in Senegal, from what the average school day is like to which kinds of foods are likely to be served at dinner. Features include maps and photos; sidebars that highlight individuals, places and events; fun facts and statistics; a timeline; economic information; flags and more.
Item #: 680826
Imprint: Children's Press
Copyright: 2019
Format: Reinforced Library Binding
Trim Size: 8 x 9 1/4
Pages: 144
Grades: 5 - 9
Ages: 10 - 14
Dewey #: 966.3
  • Bright and easy-to-read maps offer multiple opportunities for learning and exploring the country’s features
  • Colorful photos provide breathtaking views of people, cities, and landscapes
  • Sidebars highlight especially interesting individuals, places, and events
  • Fun facts and statistics cover key demographics and core country information, expanded upon in the extensive text
  • Timelines compare important events of the country’s history with important events from World History
  • Delicious, easy recipes give readers the opportunity to experience foreign cuisine firsthand
  • Digital content for further learning on this subject available at