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Written by Wil Mara

ISBN: 978-0-531-22016-0

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After suffering through World War II, the nation of Poland faced several decades of difficulties. Today, however, it is a country in the midst of transition, with a bright future ahead of it. Readers will get a close-up look at Poland as they learn about its incredible history and immerse themselves in its rich cultural heritage. They will also learn about the country’s modern government and get a taste of its incredible natural beauty.
Item #: 625638
Imprint: Children's Press
Copyright: 2014
Trim Size: 8" x 9 1/4"
Pages: 144
Grades: 5 - 9
Ages: 10 - 14
Dewey #: 948.3
Guided Reading Level: Y
Lexile Level: 1060L
AR Quiz #: 164720
AR Points: 3.0
ATOS Level: 7.7
  • Colorful photos provide breathtaking views of foreign cities and landscapes
  • Sidebars highlight especially interesting people, places, and events
  • Delicious, easy recipes give readers the opportunity to experience foreign cuisine firsthand
  • Fun facts and statistics are included for easy reference
  • Additional content for further learning on this subject available at
  • Each text’s clear structure allows students to analyze how specific sentences, paragraphs, and portions of text relate to each other and the whole.
  • Maps, photos, and diagrams require student to integrate visual information to gain a comprehensive understanding
  • of the text.
  • Students can use the wealth of facts, quotations, and concrete details to write clear informative/explanatory essays.
  • With more than one Enchantment of the World book, students will be able to draw from multiple reliable sources for short research projects.
  • To effectively explain the text, students will have to use precise language and the domain-specific vocabulary they learned from the book.