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Written by Fiona Macdonald

ISBN: 978-0-531-21215-8

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Could you cope without a toilet? Toilets are marks of cleanliness and civilization, and have saved millions of lives! With this book as your guide, you’ll be taken on a historical journey, exploring the weird and wonderful ways people across the world coped without our modern flush toilets: from chamber pots and cesspits to earth closets and privies. You’ll also discover the marvelous high-tech inventions happening every day. With top tips, a timeline, and plenty of fascinating facts, this title in the fantastic new You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without series reveals the weird and wonderful history of these essential objects.
Item #: 630275
Imprint: Franklin Watts
Copyright: 2015
Trim Size: 8 1/2" x 9 1/2"
Pages: 32
Grades: 3 - 12
Ages: 8 - 17
  • Full-color cartoon-style illustrations that make the books fun and attractive to reluctant readers
  • A simple timeline providing an easily understood history of the subject
  • Top Tips offer helpful advice on what you should or shouldn’t do in a tricky situation
  • How It Works call-outs explain the science behind the technology
  • You Can Do It! call-outs describe a simple, safe experiment, or an action you can take to help make the world a better place
  • A helpful glossary and index in each book